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cliffs notes.

I’ve worked in advertising since 2010, and I’ve been an account manager since 2014 specializing in digital media, creative projects and web/ecommerce design. I have a bachelor’s in public relations and a master’s in advertising and currently work as an account manager at Ansira in Dallas. Prior to account management, I worked in creative. See work samples below for stuff from my time on both sides of the fence. I’m also AdWords certified and dabble in video editing.

My current primary responsibilities are operating as the point of contact for clients, budgeting and coordinating media plans, scoping, generating business requirements, leading creative projects, and managing web design and ecommerce jobs (namely site builds and new ecom functionality). I oversee all manner of digital media campaigns—including PPC, social and display—and regularly analyze results and generate client reports.

I’m also a Louisiana native, love my poodle-mutt and don’t feel fully dressed without something iridescent on my person. Those things feel less cliffs notes worthy, but I thought you should know.

work samples.

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