Crying Eagle Guerrilla Marketing

concept, project coordinator

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Project Description

A new brewery, Crying Eagle Brewing Company, requested we help them promote the launch of their product in a new market. Their budget was limited, so we suggested something less-than-traditional that would make its own waves and generate organic buzz.

Three weeks later, we hauled an 8-foot nest and 3 human-sized eggs to Lafayette in the middle of the night on the back of a small semi. Within 24 hours, the news was out. It circulated quickly on Facebook (receiving hundreds of shares, likes and comments) and was soon picked up by four local news outlets. A few days later the eggs “hatched” to reveal 3-foot beer cans displaying the Crying Eagle can artwork.

The stunt gave Crying Eagle Brewing Company a punchy first impression as a creative and exciting new company, and —in a short period of time—Crying Eagle was quickly trending in a brand new market. Eggcellent.

I developed the concept and oversaw all components of this project. I also pitched it, analyzed public and news coverage throughout and delivered reports to the client.

Below is a post-pro video our agency put together—mostly for fun, but also to advertise ourselves.