Navarra's Campaign

concept, design, campaign coordinator

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Project Description

This campaign centered around a long-standing, local business—one that I had known my whole life, actually. I helped my Dad pick out jewelry at this mom and pop multiple Christmases. So when Navarra’s came to us for some unique creative, we knew we’d be looking to capture the attention of middle-aged women and engagement-minded 20-somethings, both with a higher-than-average income. To do this, we targeted the 20-somethings with online targeted banner ads by tracking engagement-related keywords and related affinity interests, and we targeted the older demo with digital outdoors and TV spots.

I conducted the research for the campaign, the concept for the graphics and video, the production of the video, the designs for the outdoors and the management of the online campaign. I also pitched the campaign, analyzed it throughout and delivered reports to the client.